Capabilities - Operations




Over half of our factories now boast on-site facilities where bottles are supplied directly to the customer filling lines. Graham has over 40 years of experience in being on-site with our customers and has a proven, established model that provides many benefits extending beyond the cost savings that these facilities bring.

But let's have a look at all the benefits of our on-site factories!

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency of equipment.
  • Lighter-weight containers due to optimization of the system.
  • Reduced working capital and efficient manufacture / inventory management.
  • Lower CO2 footprint through the elimination of bottle deliveries, reduction in bottle weight, energy optimization of the system etc.
  • Better collaboration and resultant business decision-making.
  • Lower manning rates on filling lines and in the customer’s warehouse.
  • Better food safety and product quality.

Being on-site should therefore not be seen solely as a way to eliminate logistics and packaging costs, but also as a total supply solution that can bring benefits to numerous facets of a customer’s business.


If an on-site factory is not seen as a preferred solution, Graham has a significant number of off-site plants that deliver bottles to our customers in various packaging formats. These off-site plants generally run smaller quantities of bottles for multiple customers and involve a greater complexity in terms of product changeovers and technologies. These factories have the same high standards for safety and quality as the on-site locations and provide an excellent alternative supply solution.

Operational Excellence

Graham Packaging operations run an Operational Excellence manufacturing model (OPEX) that is a proven system for delivering high-quality competitive products to our customers. The OPEX model ensures the effective control of production to the manufacturing standard whilst ensuring that our people drive continual improvement of our systems in order to deliver value for our business and customers.

We like efficiency and therefore we have standardization programs in place, which ensure that improvements made in one plant are also implemented in our sister plants, thus avoiding similar risks.