Markets & Customers - Dairy

Markets & Customers


Graham Packaging designs, develops, and produces a large variety of rigid plastic packaging formats for the Dairy industry, providing the most adequate solutions for numerous applications and being a market leader in different categories.


We produce more than 4 billion small format bottles globally for probiotic and dairy-based products. Our proprietary vertical rotation blow molding technology provides the most efficient platform for the high-volume production of these formats. Shelf stability is a key consideration of Graham Packaging when it comes to probiotic product packaging, and the manufacturer's designers work steadily to create packs which stand out in a market which is experiencing such exponential growth.

Yogurt & Dairy Drinks

Offering an extensive range of bottles, pots, and jars, Graham Packaging can be relied upon to provide the perfect solution for any drinkable or spoonable yogurt or dairy dessert. O2 and light barrier packaging protects the product packaged within from light-induced oxidation, reassuring consumers of the safety of the pack, and the manufacturer's eye-catching designs ensure Graham Packaging's dominance in the yogurt and dairy drink market.


Graham Packaging remains the go-to choice for countless retailers of milk products. Depending upon the requirements of the consumer, handles can be added to the packaging for convenience, whilst the translucent packaging materials used lend the packs a clarity appreciated by many browsing shoppers in the supermarket store. Demonstrating the extent to which packaging design can extend shelf-life, Graham Packaging's use of light and O2 barriers, alongside aseptic and sterile filling, reinforces the customer's trust in the safety of the manufacturer's products.

Cream & Other

Graham Packaging has gone the extra mile to produce packs which corroborate the company's dominance within the dairy market. Whether you are searching for packaging for cooking cream, condensed milk, coffee creamer, spreadable cheese, or powdered milk, Graham Packaging is bound to have the ideal solution for your application.