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Healthcare and Nutrition

Smart, innovative, and safe packaging solutions for advanced clinical nutrition products. Fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Enteral nutrition

Generally intended for use within a healthcare setting, Graham Packaging's enteral nutrition packaging promises to meet safety and hygiene requirements, protecting fluids held inside from contamination. As single-serve packs, sustainability is also a key concern, and Graham Packaging takes pride in its environmentally friendly approach to its surroundings, ensuring that packaging designed for enteral nutrition is entirely recyclable. The light weight of the packs facilitates easy transportation, whilst integrated hooks mean that they are fully prepared to be adopted into a hospital setting.

Nutraceuticals & supplements

The nutraceutical and supplement market is becoming increasingly crowded, and Graham Packaging strives to create eye-catching packs which stand out from those of competitor suppliers. The company has gained the trust of consumers with packs that connote ideas of authenticity, whilst remaining fully functional, often with grip features to ensure customer convenience. Innovative barrier technologies protect the nutraceutical products from detriment by contaminants, thus maximising shelf-life, whilst moisture-resistant shrink sleeve labelling provides built-in tamper evidence.


When it comes to infant formulas, quality and safety are of prime concern, and Graham Packaging works incessantly to respond to these priorities. Compatibility with the highly complex product formulas is of utmost importance, and thus, the company continually experiments with materials such as PP and HDPE in order to achieve optimised results. Guaranteeing a minimised risk of product contamination, the incorporation of aseptic technology, up to 7-layer wall structures, and light and O2 barriers serves to preserve the freshness of the infant formula, upholding Graham's offerings as a hygienic packaging option for new parents.