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Sustainable solutions to provide the protection your products deserve, whilst offering a clean and attractive appearance for your unique brand

Sauces & Other

Whether you are in search of a packaging option for ketchup, mayonnaise, fruit desserts, stock, or soup, you can depend upon Graham Packaging to manufacture the optimised solution. Graham Packaging incorporates oxygen scavengers and blended barriers into all packaging designs for sauces in order to minimise risk of contamination. Squeezability is a major factor taken into account, and Graham Packaging's design engineers work incessantly to develop soft-touch materials, experimenting with bottle shapes that ensure the company's packs for sauces will stand out on the shelf.


Confectionary is yet another sub-market in which Graham Packaging dominates, and the company works to produce packs which are just as tempting as the products inside. Whether they be purposed for baking powder, essences, instant drinks, chewing gums, or candies, Graham Packaging's jars, bottles, pots, and boxes promise to transcend all customer expectations.


ThermaSet® is Graham Packaging's award-winning, patented technology for shatter-resistant, lightweight, and eco-friendly PET jars. As a drop-in alternative to glass for hot fill and hold, pasteurized, and retort applications, ThermaSet® promises to deliver savings to your business. ThermaSet® provides outstanding clarity and barrier protection for your food products.


Graham Packaging approaches the Beverage market with creativity and innovation, offering brands custom packaging shapes and endless decoration opportunities using shrink sleeve labelling. The manufacturer caters for spirits, wine, syrups, juices, isotonic drinks, and more, and, depending upon the needs of the client, miniature versions of the packs can also be produced.