Markets & Customers - Automotive and Chemicals

Markets & Customers

Automotive and Chemicals

A large range of high-performance containers to address the most demanding requirements for the packaging of oil, technical, and chemical fluids.


Graham Packaging keeps up to speed with the fast-moving automotive industry thanks to its impressive range of Oil Quart,Trigger Ratchet, Gas Additive, and Jerry Can packs, with capacities up to 20L. The company's expertise in this area is what makes it North America's largest provider of quart packages. The light weight of the packs and their impressively high top-load resistance minimises all risk during transportation.

Agrochemicals & Chemicals

Graham Packaging offers clients a line of high-performance containers suitable for agrochemical products. Parting line resistance and high-quality sealants quash the risk of leakage, while the continual development of new materials ensures that Graham Packaging's containers remain fully compatible with the chemical products held within. UN certification and steps taken against counterfeiting reinforce consumer trust in Graham Packaging, whilst the stackability of the agrochemical packs facilitates easier bulk transportation.