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Personal Care & Household

Attractive shapes, combined with innovative engineering, result in packaging solutions that appeal to and motivate consumers. Our designs integrate look and feel, form and function, ease-of-use and comfort of handling to provide the perfect packaging.


Graham Packaging's aerosol range boasts easy-to-use mechanisms, which ensure both the comfortable and convenient actuation for the user. The manufacturer values safety as its number one priority, and therefore secure locks, resistance to rust, and guaranteed compatibility with formulations of the products within mean that Graham's aerosol packs promise to be safe for storage. Compliance with EU and US regulations is of key concern to Graham Packaging, and customers are also reassured by the packaging's BPA-free design. The dispersion of a gentle fine mist spray allows users to cover a broad area with product, and the aerosols thus lend themselves towards packaging deodorants, air fresheners, and cleaning agents.

Personal Care

Graham Packaging's designers demonstrate an acute awareness of the demand for an attractive piece of packaging in the Personal Care market. They respond to this need for guaranteed shelf-appeal with a plethora of decoration options, ranging from colour gradation to silk screen printing, to shrink sleeve labelling. Graham engineers work closely with clients, recommending to them the perfect resin for their packaging product, whether it be a dual chamber bottle, tottle, or wide mouth jar. Recyclable packs answer the cries of the environmentally-conscious consumer, whilst dosing components promise easier usage.


Graham Packaging works alongside clients to build prototypes, make alterations to components, and eventually arrive at the perfect Household packaging design. The company's engineers focus their attention on the ergonomics of Graham's trigger sprayers, handleware, and bleach bottles, working towards maximised capacities and designs which prevent any leakage of product. Light-weight packs with handles and pouring/dosing features could not be better suited to the Household market.