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We strive to be a responsible, purposeful and sustainable business.

At Graham, it’s our mission to make things better for our customers, our community and the world. We do this by minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing, championing recycling efforts and empowering our employees to be informed stewards of environmental sustainability. Our beliefs are grounded in our desire to help create a circular economy, which aims to reduce waste and make the most of available resources. In this report, we’ve detailed our company as it operates today, as well as our vision for a more sustainable future.


Our business has always been committed to Sustainability through the Responsible and Positive Impact behaviour of our activities. Focus and integrated Strategy is currently under review, and will be supported by a dedicated Team, appointed from a spontaneous volunteering of our People.

Some initiatives led by GP International Business within the last years:

  • Environment: We've been one of the first packaging companies developing and massively using bio-sourced resins for the Dairy business.
  • Social: We are constantly engaged with our People and local Communities. One example amongst many: our Brazilian team organizing a Solidarity Donation at a Children Shelter in Rio de Janeiro State.
  • Economy: Whenever it's possible, we combine CO2 Footprint reduction for ourselves and our Customers, and a Sustainable Economy. Our continuous projects focused upon the lightweighting of our solutions, and energy consumption reduction position us as a recognized proactive and reliable leader in the market.